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  • Adrian Mojica

Research Data Shows Which Tennessee Counties Have Highest Mortality Rates, Causes

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

In a study done regarding the general health of Tennesseans, Grundy County ranked as the Tennessee county with the highest mortality rate at 1245.21 deaths per 100,000 people. The national average is 785.66 deaths per 100,000 people.

Below is a copy of the report from Fox News. See the article on the published website here.

Downtown Franklin-Google Earth Landsat

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Nationwide data for the causes of death and mortality rates by county reflect the disparities facing Tennesseans depending on where they live.

Compiled by the University of Washington, researchers created an interactive map for data recorded from 1980 to 2014. The mortality rates were also broken down based on cause of death, ranging from HIV/Aids to cancers and mental disorders.

Statewide in 2014, Tennessee had a mortality rate of 961.98 deaths per 100,000 persons. The rate was well above the national average of 785.66 deaths per 100,000.

From a county perspective, Williamson County had the lowest rate in the state with 648.6 deaths per 100,000 persons. Grundy County had the highest rate with 1245.21 deaths per 100,000.

Below are rates recorded based on mortality causes by county:

Diarrhea, lower respiratory and other common infectious diseases

-Highest rates were found in Decatur County (83.2 per 100k) and Claiborne County (38.01 per 100k).

-Lowest rates found in Williamson (20.46), Hamilton (24.2) and Cumberland (27.95). Davidson County was not far behind with (30.06).

Neoplasms -Tumors causing such diseases as colon, liver, stomach, throat, and pancreatic cancers.

-Scott County had the highest rates with 294.07 deaths per 100,000. Claiborne recorded a rate of 275.94, followed by Hickman with 273.64.

-The lowest rates were found in Williamson County (151.99) and Moore County (168.33).


-Hickman County was among the highest rates with 10.85 deaths per 100k. Marion County recorded a rate of 10.84 per 100k.

-Lowest rates found in Moore County (8.1), Williamson & Pickett (8.24), and Rutherford (8.37).

Cardiovascular Diseases

-Highest rates found in Carroll County (444.2 per 100k) and Crockett (441.2).

-Lowest rates found in Williamson (201.21) and Blount (239.43). Moore County, Davidson, Rutherford, and Wilson counties were each found to be below the state average of 307.95 per 100k.

Mental and Substance Use Disorders

-Clay County was highest in the state with 36.03 deaths per 100,000.

-Lowest rates were found in Williamson (6.06), Fayette (8.59), and Hardeman (9.42). Montgomery, Sumner, Robertson, Rutherford and Wilson were also below the 17.46 state average.

Transport & Unintentional Injuries

-Grundy County ranked highest with 137.44 deaths per 100,000 persons. Perry County (115.71) and Benton County (108.89) were the next highest and well above the 70.42 state average.

-The lowest rates were found in Williamson County (44.28), Rutherford (53.18) and Hamilton (54.34).

Self Harm & Interpersonal Violence

-Grundy County was among the highest rates with 40.64 per 100k. DeKalb (39.68) and Jackson (38.72) were also well above the 24.69 state average.

-Williamson ranked lowest with 13.59 deaths per 100k, joined by Moore, Sumner, Wilson, and Rutherford counties among the lowest rates in the state.

Above is a copy of the report from Fox News. See the article on the published website here.



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